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Tungsten Carbide

Grade Charts

Tungsten Carbide Grade Application Guide

Tungsten Carbide Grade Application Guide
Grade Type
FCC Grade
Application Areas
Industrywide standard for a broad range of applications where superior wear resistance and light shock resistance are required. Application areas include fluid control components, oilfield wear discs, bushings, seats, nozzles, bearing components, and valve stems. Also used for powder compacting dies, small dies and mandrels, and nonferrous wire and tube drawing.
A general purpose grade combining good wear resistance and moderate toughness. FC4 is appropriate for use in a wide variety of wear applications where impact or shock are not important factors. Applications include wear tiles, wear rings and sleeves, pump liners, wear guides, bearing components, valve stems and seats.
Metal Forming and Wear
Of higher impact strength and shock resistance than FC3 or FC4, FC10 is appropriate for metal forming dies and punches, wire drawing and straightening dies, cupping dies, tube drawing mandrels, nozzles, wear guides, and slitter knives for foils, paper and rubber.
Possessing exceptional strength and toughness, FC11 resists chipping and breakage in demanding applications such as deep drawing, larger tube drawing dies and mandrels, wire flattening rolls, rotary slitters, and light forming and blanking dies.
FC12 is applied where both high impact strength and resistance to deformation are required. Typical applications include mining and structural components, medium blanking dies, tube mill rolls, large wire flattening rolls, shape dies, extrusion punches, and grippers.
Characterized by high impact strength and toughness, but relatively low wear resistance, FC13 is best applied in cold heading dies, coiling mandrels, extrusion punches, and blanking punches and dies.
FC25 is designed to withstand conditions of extreme shock and impact and is recommended for use in cold heading where galling is not a problem and as cold extrusion punches, swaging dies, heavy blanking punches, and crushing hammers.
The hardest and most wear resistant of the submicron grades, FC3M is applied where very high abrasive wear resistance and low to moderate toughness are required.
The most widely applied of the submicron grades. Used extensively in rotating tool blanks, FC10M possesses the wear resistance of FC3, but greater strength and toughness. Suitable also for metal forming dies.
FC12M combines exceptional strength and toughness with good resistance to wear. It is used to extend part life in a broad range of applications where chipping or breakage are potential problems.
Rotary Drilling and Mining
Designed to withstand high impact, FC10C is applied most often in mining components such as percussion bits, geophysical tips, and related components. FC10C is also appropriate for use in metal forming applications requiring both high impact strength and stiffness.
Tougher and more impact resistant than FC10C, FC11C is the grade of choice for compacts in rotary tricone bits and for larger percussion bits and geophysical tips.
Corrosion Resistant
The hardest of the corrosion-resistant nickel binder grades, FC3N is recommended for use in seal rings, nozzles, bearings, and fluid control components operating in corrosive environments.
A nickel binder grade of high toughness, FC10N is applied where a combination of corrosion resistance and higher impact strength are required.
A proprietary grade designed to extend the life of wear parts in variable and highly corrosive environments. FC8N is recommended for use in fluid and flow control devices where corrosive wear or failure by chemical attack are significant factors.
A mixed binder grade of low density which combines good wear and corrosion characteristics with high strength, FC82 is recommended for use as nozzles or valve seats and balls operating in corrosive environments or where the weight of the wear component must be minimized.



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